Friday, February 26, 2010

What Everyone Wants

Quote of the day:

To repeat what others have said, requires education; to challenge it, requires brains.
-Mary Pettibone Poole

We only like people for what we can get from them.
True or false?

You give me something...and hey i like you for that.
But when you stop giving me...i don't like you that much.

Hope you all are having a nice weekend...

Do have loads of fun....
And people for who they are-regardless...

Much Love.

Current Listen: Coldplay- Strawberry Swing



  1. loved the quote - was just thinking about this and was going to write a blog today telling people they will grow grey hair early if they continued thinking like that - i learnt the hard way btw, now i just do and i love it...have a great weekend hon

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwww that was the cutest video ever #kbye

  3. what if you look at this way the person gives you a listening ear/a shoulder to cry on/love so you like them for that. Is that still negative?

  4. Awwww that was a really cute video.
    Per ur question: not necessarily, one has to be matured in mind enough to see beyond not only what they can get from a person, but also what they can give. Service.
    Sadly, that's rarely the case.

  5. Much as I want to disagree, i can only agree - in truth we like people for what we get from them; I don't think that is negative though...within limits.. :)

  6. That is funny video, trust children to say it like it is, lol.

    Have a great weekend Blogo..

  7. Omo that video wasn't funny o! I would watch out for that kid if I was that woman! That was how Chucky was born o!

  8. lol at the video,have a good weekend

  9. I love Coldplay but anyways it's true and the giving is both material and nonmaterial stuff.

  10. LOL! Sugarking fit kill person... Chucky indeed, lmao. I'm with the kid o! There are moments when you look at your family and know you love them, but you don't like them all the time... The love will always be there; their annoying behaviour sometimes chips away at the "like" part sha, lol.

  11. Nice quote.. Most of us seem to forget that every so often..
    please check out
    thank you so very much

  12. Bullseye. True. Too true. Sadly. :-(

  13. LOL. Loved the video when you posted it on Twitter. Children always have a way of teaching adults some great lessons.

    Yeah, shouldn't we love people regardless? Not for the cookies?

  14. In a general sense, True! I don't think its all negative tho'. Aren't we usually admonished to stay away from people who add nothing positive to our lives?

  15. Hmmm I've never felt that I like people for what I can get from them but will have to ponder on this. Interesting stuff.
    Have a great week!

  16. well. Yeah,even if we deny it. Love d quote.

  17. @everyone: Thank you for your comments. Do have a lovely weekend!!

  18. I LOVE YOUR POETRY MAN...AND I HAVE TO SAY UR BLOGS DIFFERENT FROM THE ONEZ I'VE SEEN...mines a style/fashion blog and has hardly any followerz but its all about expressing myself...and u express urself in a really inspiring way.x

  19. I guess we all like people for what we get from them. Its what we want from them that's important. I like some people because they give me support, they make me laugh, they make me feel like I'm growing at a person and they are honest with me. If there was someone in my life who constantly brought me down. No i wouldn't like them that much. And I wouldn't have to like them regardless I guess.

    On a side note: Everytime I don't give my daughter sometimes she goes "Mummy I'm not your friend again!" (in a concentrated nigerian accent too!)


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