Monday, March 01, 2010

Monthly Plans 1.0

Quote of the day:

We secure our friends not by accepting favors but by doing them.

Hey there folks.
Happy new month to you.

So the year's off to a racy start...and hope your plans are catching up with the race.

Previous week and month was quite hectic...and lazy sorta.
I was able to complete about 80%-give or take of what i had planned out. Didn't do more of blogging or reading though.

Plans For The Month
1. Rejuvenate my long term goals.
2. Never forget the little things in life.
3. Be kind to everyone.
4. Laugh more often.
5. Blog more.
6. Read a book or two a week.
7. Workout, eat healthy.
8. Live for the moment.

Those are my plans for the most part...have you made yours yet?

Happy new month! Don't wait until tomorrow to start living the way you want to today!

Keep marching to success!
Much Love guys.

Current Listen: Jagged Edge- I Gotta Be



  1. -Rejuvenate long-term goals
    -Never forget the little things in life
    -Blog more.

    Love those three...kudos!

  2. @Jaycee: Hey i see you. Many thanks...

  3. love the profile picture....have a great week and month ahead

  4. workout and eat healthy...
    Stay focused
    enjoy the little things of life
    keep in touch with ma numerous contacts.. (i'm so

  5. my first and possibly most important plan for the month is to get up and get on..i.e, try and kick my procrastinating habit..

    i do this, and my life will be so much better so i'l be doing that starting tomorrow..

    argh, see what happened there? hmm, see me mini-blogging here.
    gnite, blogo

  6. I like those plans! Mine is to:
    Enjoy and make every moment count.
    So enrolling in dancing school, even if I make a fool outta myself ha!

    Read 3 books a week - the race is on oh!
    Have an awesome month. Much love

  7. @neefemi:Why thank you nee-all the very best this month and always.

    @chayoma: Keep in touch sounds nice...and hey hang in there.

    histreasure: Yes you can!! Kick that habit to the curb :)
    Wish you success in that.

    @onosetale(damsel): Many thanks for that and thanks for dropping by.

    @remi: Hi there. Dnace school sounds great! Wish i was there to cheer you on :)
    3 books a week? Lets make it 5-and yea the race is on,wink*

  8. Nice plans you got..
    Mine will be to make a headway with WE ARE JOS

  9. Nice plans you got..
    Mine will be to make a headway with WE ARE JOS
    Please visit
    Thank you so very much.

  10. @2cute4u: hey great of you to drop by and would check that out too!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Love your plans man,keep it up,cheers

  13. My three faves: Blog more.
    Read a book or two a week.
    Live for the moment.

    Goodluck with the list...

  14. Mine is sooooo packed. But I love to put a check mark beside each...Hope you make yours


  15. @muyiwa: hey good looking out bro.

    @aeedeeaee: Why thank you for that.

    @bob-ij: Hopefully i will. All the best with those check marks,wink*

  16. I dont make monthly plans as such, I'd just take each day as it comes. Nice one though, you seem pretty organized.


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