Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Life Is a Lesson

Quote of the day:

Charm is the quality in others that makes us more satisfied with ourselves.
-Henri-Frédéric Amiel

Life is a lesson.

We live and learn.
Experience new worlds, new blessings.

Some things will come to you...without any effort at all.
Others... will never come to you no matter how hard you try.

Why be an ostrich...with your neck in the ground.
When you could be an eagle...with your wings in the clouds.

What don't kill you...will only make you stronger.
Live your life longer.

If you fall pick yourself up,two,three,four times....
Be conscious of time..lest it leaves you behind.
Fear not the unknown.
In the end we are all alone.

Fear not failure. Fear success instead.
Follow your dreams..that's where true happiness lies.

Fly like fireflies...

Life is a mixture of fresh roses and oiled guns.
Shine your beauty to the world for all to see.
This rare gem in the midst of thorns.

There comes a time...
When everything in life boils down to just one thing.

One dream....One goal.
One faith...One soul.
One doorway....One key.
One change....One history.

Life is a lesson. Are you ready to learn?

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  1. i'm learning each day, as we all should be.....very well done sir

  2. live each day as if it were your last.. learn as though you would live forever Ghandhi once said.. #nuff said

  3. I loved this.

    "Why be an ostrich...with your neck in the ground.
    When you could be an eagle...with your wings in the clouds.

    Oh, the brevity of truth.

  4. Great words.. Really thoughtful..
    please visit
    Thank you so very much

  5. I hate that the things you write go right to my soul. I am willing to learn. Beautiful piece. You're doing Mars good!! I'm too impressed... Go Mars...


  6. I love this..
    I am eager to learn... and never want to stop learning..

    Hope those plans are taking shape and form... muh love x

  7. what dont kill you will only make you stronger,na soo

  8. This life ehn...sometimes i have no words. Lovely and so true!!

  9. Oh! I just enjoy reading the quotes and words you share...

  10. @Remi: Yes plans are taking shape indeed...eager to learn and never wanting to stop learning? I like that.
    Much love.

    @muyiwa: True story,hehe.

    @Repressed One: Yeah i know right? This life..

    @Rita: Why thank you..grateful for your dropping by.

  11. This is well it

    BTW...Your new profile pic has got swag...nice one man

  12. Love reading your blog... someone once said something like what's worse than death is being alive but not actually living...

  13. I like ... lots of inspirational one-liners. Love your music taste as well

    Life is a tough lesson though .... one of those classes you want to cut but all your friends are in it and sometimes it is not so bad. So you stick at it, doing just enough to keep you in the class and hoping that the next level is better and more exciting :-)

  14. I love the quotes and i loved the encouraging words, as you say why be an ostrich with your head in the ground..

  15. @Harry-Rami Itie: Hey thanks bro.

    @Suru: Nice..that saying! Always nice seeing you on here,many thanks.

    @Abosede: Life is filled with lessons-as we all strive to move on to that next level..true! Thank you for your comments.

    @Tricia: Appreciate your stopping by-many thanks,yea*


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