Friday, September 23, 2011

So Long

Quote of the day:
Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures.
-Jessamyn West

At the far end of the room.
Black colored chairs leaning against white walls.

There you were all alone.
A little red rose growing in concrete.

I longed to touch your petals.
To feel them against my fingers.

To inhale your scent.
And let the smell linger.

Soft and vulnerable.
So detailed yet so beautiful.

I took a few steps your way.
Ready to take you far away.

But alas, someone else came along.
I was too late...all i can say is -so long.

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  1. Hmmm...say hello before you say goodbye comes to mind.

    Have a great weekend blogo.

  2. The downside of over thinking stuff? Nice one...

  3. oh.....that's so sad! #Lesson Live in the moment! Have an awesome weekend mars!


  4. hmmmmmmm......
    too late, too late shall be the cry.

    have a fabulous one...

  5. wow! sweet but sad....emotions painted with crystal words!..hmm...the line: "But alas, someone else came along. I was too late...all i can say is -so long"...reminds me of my poem "Too Late"

  6. Aww. Beautiful...but very sad.

  7. @everyone: Many thanks guys, for your comments. Nice weekend!!


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