Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bird On A Wire

Quote of the day: 
A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away.
-Phyllis McGinley 

I have always loved blogging as a hobby.

When I started out it was the most beautiful thing since sliced bread. I was used to writing out my thoughts and feelings on paper, and notebooks. I would open an empty page and scribble words down. Till date, I still stumble across a few poems here and there in old notebooks -it's like a gift to myself from the past.

Now I'm loving twitter.

When I started out using it, it felt weird typing my thoughts in 140 characters, which is to say I didn't pay too much attention to tweeting then. But now, it's different. I could tweet just three words -and someone somewhere would be able to relate to it, respond to it in a matter of minutes.

It's easy to tweet...but it's becoming a lot harder to blog.

I love blogging. I love tweeting.

Many thanks to my blog fam.
Good to know people still blog and read too! 
And much love to the twitter fam*

Peace & Love always!


Current Listen:- Gotye Feat. Kimbra -Somebody That I Used To Know


  1. Blessings....
    Same difference, its all in the way you view it. There is nothing that says you must write more than 3 words in your blog. You can link your twitter to your blog and have your feeds show up on you blog.

    Like everything else in life things has it ebb and flow.


  2. Blogging over twitter...love your tweets also.

  3. @Rhapsody B.: Yes indeed! Thanks for the comment and for stopping by. Cheers.

    @'Lara : Hello, appreciate that. Much Love*

  4. I can relate to this.
    Microblogging (Twitter) is faster and easier especially when there's so much to do in the real world. It steals the time you would have dedicated to blogging. But i have decided to get both going as there are some of my blog reader who arent on twitter.


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