Develop Yourself First, Before Trying to Change the World

Quote of the day:
Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. 

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I think the above quote by Rumi is very apt. When change is elusive...look within.
I grew up wanting to change the world (didn't we all?) but over the years my perspective and reasoning has taken a different path. One which leads me to believe that everything happens for a reason, and that change cannot come unless the seed is grown within...blossoming into a beautiful flower.

It is a valuable lesson to learn, and through the darkest of trials and brilliance of victories, it makes a lot of sense. Before you change something, you have to change yourself. Before you decide to talk about people's bad habits, deal with yours first. Before you start trying to get people to love you or care for you, or respect have to love, care and respect yourself first.

Let us all be a great and shinning reflection of change...but let it start from within. This week is a good time to re-examine your life, and reflect on things. What do you think?

Peace & Love always*

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  1. That quote! Very inspiring...

  2. @Bella Harris: I am glad you find it so, man thanks for visiting!

  3. This is beautiful and true... the older I get the more I realize no change will happen unless I change within... I need to do the things I say I will and really make those changes that will shine from within... with that I can help others to see their own lights xox

  4. @Launna: I like the perspective of yours, and with that mindset everything will work out for you, and everyone around you will be a witness. Thank you for dropping by, appreciate that!

  5. So true. I have to 'check' my self well before being Martin Luther Queen. Thanks for sharing.

  6. @E Rella: Very well said, thanks for that!

  7. Once again I thank you for your visit. You are the second person from Nigeria that I have known. I worked with a guy named Kess about 35 years ago right near the finish line of the marathon. He was a good guy. He was very funny, quite a character. In his spare time he would run a parking lot when ever the Boston Red Sox would play in town.
    Thanks again.

  8. @BostonBoy: You are most welcome, and I appreciate your comment as always. I have to say that it's a pleasure visiting your end, and many thanks for doing the same. Cheers!

  9. I don't think I've ever disagreed with anything Rumi says. I agree and though I don't always succeed I do try to stay aware of myself and make changes within me. Actually, we only have enough power to change ourselves. How I wish we could all change the world/ourselves to a more loving existence.

  10. Yes, totally agree! To be grounded, in balance and loving oneself, then the rest of the world:-)

  11. Great words to start off a new week. It so much easier to see the fault in others, I am guilty of this. Thanks so much for being an avid reader of my blog.

  12. THAT quote. I'm going to save it!

  13. @Myrna R.: I know, it would be great to do just that. Thank you for your comment!

    @Eli Ert: Glad you agree, its a beautiful world we live in, but we are too busy trying to change it, not ourselves. Thank you!

    @Titis Passion: Yes I agree. And I am guilty of seeing fault in others too. You are welcome, and thank you for visiting!

    @Tammy Theriault: Yes please do, thanks for stopping by!

  14. @Shopaholic: I thank you for visiting!

  15. All I've ever wanted to do is help people in any way i could, why then would it end up killing me....and not it was never ego or rewards i truly wanted to help, and it killed my nervous system, and i'll never understand why

  16. All I've ever wanted to do is help people in any way i could, why then would it end up killing me....and not it was never ego or rewards i truly wanted to help, and it killed my nervous system, and i'll never understand why

  17. Very well said!!!
    Everyone wants change, no one wants to change.

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  18. This has really inspired me.

  19. Thanks for the reminder,just validated my current efforts in being a better me...

  20. Thanks for the reminder,just validated my current efforts in being a better me...

  21. If we all swept our yards, the world would be clean. Don't remember where I heard that or if those were the exact words, but it is indeed true.
    We should be the change we want to see. Starting with the man in the mirror!

  22. Very well said. The change we all seek begins with self.

  23. That's the best way to change anything.. first change yourself, then change the world..

    Well said..


  24. That is a good quote; if we change ourselves maybe that would make the world a better place, at least in our circle of influence.


  25. Brilliant quote...think I'll make that my motto!
    I,too, grew up wanting to change the world...but then I realized that it is we who need to change in order to make a difference "out there!"

    Bravo...a really great and inspiring post! :)

  26. You can't change the world if you can't even change yourself.

    Great post!

  27. I agree that everthing does happen for a reason. Great post. Have a terrific day!

  28. Thanks for your sweet comment!
    That is true - first you have to find yourself!

    Have a wonderful week,

  29. @Out of Sight L: I hope you healed from that, and some things happen for a reason really. Best wishes always!

    @CatWalk With PAT: Thanks a lot!

    @Chiamaka Abasilim: I am happy that you feel inspired by it all, thanks so much for dropping by!

    @Mahka RnR: You are most welcome, and thanks for visiting!

    @Eniwealth: I like that perspective, thanks so much for that and for stopping by again!

    @Gloria Okaimam: It sure does. Thank you!

    @Geetika Gupta: I am glad that you agree as well. Many thanks!

    @betty: I agree, and that will make life easier too. Thanks for your visit!

    @Ygraine: You too? Awww, well at least we have that in common. Nice seeing you on here!

    @Chrys Fey: Yes you can't, many thanks!

    @Cascia Talbert: I appreciate that, have a nice week!

    @Kati: You are very welcome, nice of you to visit, thanks!

  30. Totally agree with you!!

  31. I love this quote, so inspiring.

  32. That quote is the truth. It even goes with changing people. I realize that I need to change my self or my reactions. In alot of instances those people tend to change as a result.

    you have a blessed day as well.

  33. Totally agree. Love the quote by Rumi. Thanks for sharing. :)

  34. What use is a cup with clean exterior but a dirty interior. It has to be cleaned inside out.Change is indeed from within. Factual and intellectual piece.

  35. So true words, love this quote.
    Lovely greets Vanessa

  36. Wonderful and inspiring post! Definitely makes sense!

  37. It is a brilliant and wise quote, as are your own words in addition.

  38. I agree with the above. Inspiring.

  39. Very Nice POST..
    Welcome to my new blog post..

  40. Such a wisely put forward write up. I agree... A very famous Indian Saint Kabir has said,
    "I went in search of bad, I didn't find any.
    When I looked inside myself, I was the worst from them all..."
    (English Translation)
    We find faults and follies in everything and everyone around, but we fail to see what is inside us. As you said the change should be from within first, we have to start from ourselves before changing the world... :)

  41. Thanks for the positive message! Lovely quotes!!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  42. That's so true, I have always believed in that quote.

  43. Great quote !! Very inspiring thank you for sharing with us .


  44. @Rafaela S.: I am glad that you do, thanks!

  45. @Diana Ashuayem: Thank you!

    @Alieux (Daij): It's a wonderful thing you've shared, thanks for that!

    @SHANAYA TALES: Appreciate that, nice of you to visit!

    @Florence Eyebiokin: Wonderful perspective, thanks for that!

    @Vanessa Billie-Jill-Jean: Hi lovely, thanks for that anad for visiting again!

    @ Lisa Isabella Russo: Thanks for visiting once more!

    @Jennifer Wagner: I appreciate your comment and for taking time to stop by, many thanks!

    @Kamari Foreman: I'm glad you agree, thanks a lot!

    @Shesha Chaturvedi: I liked your perspective and the additional quote, its real wonderful and I thank you for sharing this here!

    @Coco: Most welcome and its nice to see you on here, thanks!

    @Imogen: Many thanks for that!

    @Isa Gama: You are welcome. Thanks a lot for visiting!

  46. I always reflex on things I need to go with the flow sometimes.

  47. Very inspiring, found it interesting and educative.

  48. Change happens from within,thanks for sharing.
    I dropped by again.

  49. Very inspiring post!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

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  50. @Jackie Harrison: Going with the flow is a great thing, yes. Appreciate your visit!

    @Alabekee Ola: I'm thankful that you find it so, great to have you here!

    @Chizoba Okoroji: I agree, many thanks for dropping by again too!

    @Jessica: It's great to know that you find it so...thank you for stopping by!

    @Peaches D. Ledwidge: I'm glad you like, thanks for your comment!

  51. A very good (and wise) piece of advice!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  52. That is very true. Change starts from within.

  53. @Gabrielle: Thank you lovely, and for stopping by!

    @Mary Kirkland: I'm glad that you agree, many thanks!

  54. I'm not sure we can change the world, but we can make the best of it for ourselves and our loved ones by becoming the best we can be. Great quote.

  55. @Nick Wilford: Becoming the best we can be, couldn't agree more. Great of you to share and thank you for visiting!

  56. Brilliant...!! Why not be the change we wish to see in this world? :D

    Its been a real hectic day! Hope yours was better than mine :)

  57. It all starts from within ...
    Thanks for the inspiration ..

  58. Love this post. One must figure themselves out first before trying to change or give advice to other.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  59. Rumi always says so much with few words.

  60. You can't change the world even if you change yourself. The world will do what the world does. No point preaching. Just saying:-)

  61. To make yourself better is a lifetime procedure... i believe!

  62. Sanaa Rizvi: Yes indeed! It's been a great day, sorry yours was hectic, but hey keep smiling always!

    @Margie: Yes it does, thanks for stopping by!

    @Kreyola: I like your thoughts on that, appreciate that, thanks a lot!

    @Coco: Hey, thanks for popping in to say hello. Cheers!

    @Jackie Harrison: I thank you for dropping by again!

    @Annalisa Crawford: I am glad that you found it so, many thanks!

    @cleemckenzie: Yes indeed. Thank you for visiting!

    @Anonymous: I appreciate your comment!

    @Beauty Follower: I agree with you on that, lasts a lifetime. Cheers!

  63. I found you through a cartoon your reader, Christine, put up on her blog. Glad I got here.

    Yes, good points. It rather reminds me of the hypocrisy of John Lennon, as musically genius he was, he was always going on about Peace and no to violence yet he himself was known to be a man with violent temper outbursts, hit his wives (and others) and cheated on every woman he loved. Truly, peace begins with me! Let's focus on that before preaching it to the world. If only more peeps were that way.

  64. Oh, and I forgot to add one more thing--an answer to your question, "I grew up wanting to change the world (didn't we all?)

    --Haha, actually, no, I never felt I was that important or notable enough to do that. Lol. In fact, I merely wanted to survive the world and do wahtever God called ME to do--and for most, I think that is lowly simple stuff that goes against out pride. :) I always thought I;d be a starving artist actually and as such, most likely die unknown and maybe, just maybe, centuries later someone would discover my art and I'd become post-humously famous! whoa. Bow, I've wised up to realise that was wishful thinking too. I became more practical and pursed graphic design! The best I can do is love people where they are at and to show them the love from on high--that they do indeed have intrisic value.

  65. Beautiful message to read ~ Thank you for your kind visits ~

  66. ....and it's even tough to change ourselves... ha... nice wisdom in this...

  67. Yes I agree Papi...Change starts with you...I mean, I believe in what Micheal Jackson said...Be that change you wanna see in the world....Lovely Piece Papi...

  68. @Michael: I agree entirely with your thoughts, and good thing you found my blog and I'm grateful for the visit, and for sharing your perspective, and of course the great sense of humour!

    @Grace: Thank you and you are welcome. Have a nice weekend!

    @Claudia: I know right? Tough to even change ourselves really...appreciate your comment!

    @Erniesha Tibs: I'm glad that you agree, nice of you to share and many thanks!

  69. Instead of waiting for the world around me to change, I recently decided to working on myself instead, and that's certainly keeping me very busy. Along with God, I am definitely a Work in Progress

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