How AI Is Changing Industries

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What I learned on my own I still remember ― Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The uses of Artificial Intelligence or AI encompass many fields including retail, shopping, security, sports analytics, and production and manufacturing just to name a few. In simple terms AI is systems or machines that mimic human intelligence. Think high-end robotics used in manufacturing, facial recognition, medical diagnosis, or systems used in self driving cars and so on. One advantage of using AI is that it enables the execution of complex tasks, making processes smarter and less time consuming. 

There's been discussions about the ethics of AI.  As the field advances understanding the potential ethical and moral issues is important. One area of concern is the continued automation of jobs and potential job losses. In the art world the rise of AI-generated artwork -which uses other people's original  has become a talking point. There are apps that automate the creation of artwork and illustrations which some feel is a threat to artists everywhere. A game designer's image won a competition and artists were not happy at the use of AI to generate the winning image. 

More recently, chatGPT, an online chatbot which can generate realistic responses on a whim has taken the world by storm. It is creating a challenge for teachers around the world and it has been reported that some college students are using the app to cheat in school. You feed the app with suggestions and it can generate essays or answers to questions in seconds. In the UK, lecturers have been urged to review student assessments amid concerns over the new AI tool.  

What do you think of these new developments in AI?

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  1. AI is amazing and moving along at such a fast pace. There are problems with it and they will have to be worked out before people accept it. Lots won't and personally, I don't like it. The real world is challenging in itself never mind the AI.

  2. AI seems to be everywhere these days.

  3. I remember reading Huxley's "Brave New World" 40 some years ago. So far, with all the automation, we haven't yet gotten the extra free time he envisions.

  4. ...Nassim Nicholas Taleb is spot on!

  5. At first, I was a little intimidated by how it could easily replace long hours spent carefully curating a blogpost but I think I am now in the acceptance phase :)

  6. Like most technologies, AI obviously has its value. The scary thing is that no one seems to be monitoring it. How do I know that Blogoratti is actually real?


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