Saturday, February 28, 2009

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Quote of the day:
It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end -Ursula Le Guin

Jennifer Hudson Says Performing Is Therapeutic

Now that is one brave lady-i mean if that were to happen to most people, they'd rather just stay away in their private space-alone and in mourning.. Instead this young woman has embraced the most important thing that she loves doing-the only thing that still keeps her that's a super woman right there!

On Friday's live episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, the singer said that she's happy to return to performing, and that singing at huge events such as the Super Bowl is "like therapy" for her. 

"[I'm] in a very good place," the Oscar- and Grammy-winner, 27, told Winfrey. "I'm just glad to be back to work." 

The highlight of Hudson's Grammy night on Feb. 8? Being handed her statuette by Whitney Houston, she says. "[That] almost surpassed" winning the award for best R&B album itself, she said. "I used to create duets with Whitney and myself." 

She said her awards are in the piano room of her house, which she shares with her three dogs, named Oscar, Grammy and Dreamgirl. 
The former American Idol contestant also sang her latest single, "If This Isn't Love," for the audience, but avoided talking about the murders last fall of her mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew in Chicago. 


Friday, February 27, 2009

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What I am Currently Watching #1

Quote of the day: 

A compliment is like a kiss through a veil -Victor Hugo

Farewell to the month of February as we march into the month of march..

During the week i had the oppurtunity of watching 2 interesting movies.

'Slumdog Millionaire'

Oscar winnings: 8
Movie: Shot in Mumbai

It was a great movie to watch-a feel good movie with most partsof it in hindi.

Slumdog Millionaire in part has brought attention to called slum
 dwellers in the city of Mumbai where parts of the film was shot. 

The film starts at the end. Dev Patel’s 18-year-old Jamal is just one correct answer away from winning — or blowing — a 20 million rupee (£280,000) fortune on the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a
In the movie, we learn the history of Jamal and the other principal characters in flashbacks, as Jamal answers questions on the TV show not from book knowledge — he has none — but his own life
 experiences. Jamal is searching for two people from his childhood: his wild older brother Salim (an outstanding Madhur Mittal), now a thief and killer, and his adored Latika (the achingly lovely Freida Pinto),
 now stepping up from child prostitute to plaything of a gangster. Every incident, including the brothers' watching their mother die in an anti-Muslim riot, feeds into Jamal's answers on the show....
All in all it was a great movie,and i'd recommend it for anyone out there too.

Two of the kid actors used in the film actually live in the slum
s in real life, and i read somewhere that the producers of the movie have set up an education plan for them ,and they've put them in very good
 schools all pain for untill they are 18-after which a substantial amount of money will be paid to them which will effectively change their lives for the better-boyle was quoted as saying. 

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Oscar awards:

Lead actor Bradd Pitt -He plays Ben from infanthood, a baby born with the wizened, room-clearing face of a man in his 80s. How'd they do that? Digital face painting, baby, which means slapping Pitt's computer-aged mug on tiny bodies as Ben ages backward till he reaches full growth. Digital kicks in again when Pitt, 44, has to look way younger.
Intrigued? How could you not be? The movie looks amazing. And for the first hour, when storytelling and special effects bond like lovers, it plays even better. You get a rush like Hollywood has discovered a brave new world. The technical wizardry sweeps you away, as baby Ben, abandoned by his appalled father (Jason Flemyng), is taken in by Queenie (the superb Taraji P. Henson), a black attendant at a New Orleans old-age home where death is never a stranger. 
Two great movies to watch-if you haven't done so already! 
Happy weekend.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

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5 Cardinal Rules for Lenders

Quote of the day:
Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting -Elizabeth Bibesco

Ok so there are people out there that borrow things and don't return them, but who are these people and why do they do what they do...and also aren't we as well guilty of taking and not giving back..

For some, people just can't help being all nice whenever it comes to giving out right? I can't even begin to recollect all the personal things that i have given out to friends in the past and never got back. They ask if they can make use of something and i lend it to them with the thinking that they'd be gracious enough to return it on time-boy was i wrong.

The worst part is when someone borrows your stuff and forgets to return it-only for the person to come back at a later date to borrow yet another item from you. 

I've lost too many uncountable items this way, from books, money,an ipod,clothing items, like shoes and stuff that i just had to let go in the end after being frustrated -out of my own possession.  The bad part is the money aspect, borrowing money without paying back. 

We all owe one thing or another,i mean sometimes we take things that in our minds are not that relevant/germane/pertinent. Sometimes we steal one another's dreams, we take people's time,time which can never be given back. Othertimes we just say words without thinking about the effect/outcome/result it would have on that person,thereby taking away the dignity,the pride,the confidence of that individual. 

I know the Good Book says to 'give and you shall receive',but what of those that i've given unto that never returned what i gave? 

But haven't i also taken from people. Haven't i taken friendship for granted for instance,haven't i taken people's time and space,haven't i taken people's smiles and their laughter and subdued it with mine? 

We all take from one another, that's the way life goes i guess. What do you have in your possession that isn't yours? What do you have to give back to those you owe. Most times we owe people for things we can never pay back. 
Take time to ponder on the fact that we give and we take, we take and we give.  

 So here are five rules for lenders:

  • If the borrower is not aware of the value of the object, make sure they understand the value of it.
  • If the borrower is careless, you don’t have to lend it.
  • If the borrower loses or breaks the object, don’t insist on being made whole.
  • When you are better off financially than the borrower and the object breaks or is lost - as an act of charity you should forgive the debt.
  • Don’t lend to someone who can’t afford to replace it - unless you are okay with replacing it yourself.

  • Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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    What We Can Learn from Technological Change

    Quote of the day: 
    Everything is perfect in the universe, even your desire to improve it -Wayne W. Dyer

    Whatever happened to old technology and the old ways of doing things, i sit and ponder as i ask myself... 

    So today got me feeling a little bit reminiscent of the good old days (how come it's never bad old days?). Anyways i do remember growing up amidst so much new stuff then-that pale in comparison to today's age and time. 

    I mean whatever happened to yesterday's technology? 
    The audio cassette players, the Video cassette recorders (VCR), the mainframe computers and all other gadgetry all thrown into the thrash bin of history. Our lives have been permanently changed by computers that are all around us -Atm machines,aircraft and jets,ships,satellites in space all form one huge network of data. 

    It's a fast evolving world and we are caught in the middle of it all -innovation wise as old technology has virtually been taken over by new. It's simply amazing how far man has come in his quest to achieve near perfection of things. Faster internet speeds, fast-evolving mobile technologies,great advancements in medicine, rapid increases in research and development and so much more.  

    Can we all pause for a moment and just ask ourselves 'what effects has technology had on me'?Can man really advance without the use of technology. The country that controls technology-controls the world as the saying goes, and that is so true. 

    Every bit of technology that came out decades ago paved the way for how things are today even though most of these technologies aren't in use any longer. We always think something is better until another great thing comes along.  

    Today nothing much has changed. We still embrace the ipod the same way we embraced the walkman, we embrace the LCD Tv,pretty much the same way we loved that black and white Tv back in the day. 

    Now the question is everything keeps changing, but are you?

    Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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    What Will You Be Remembered For?

    Quote of the day: 

    If you want to be happy for a year, plant a garden; if you want to be happy for life, plant a tree -English Proverb

    How much really do we know about ourselves. I mean seeing ourselves through the eyes of other people and by other people i mean-friends,families,colleagues and the rest. 

    What regard do people have for you? When you walk into a place do you educe/bringforth/elicit smiles from the faces of individuals or is it that when you walk into a place people just can't stand your presence for whatever reasons. 

    If life was to end this moment, what best would you be remembered for? A great person,a good friend,an innovator,a talent,a gift or curse, a tyrant,a heartless soul? -funny how death brings forth words we use in describing someone. Oh he/she would surely be missed,he was such a this,she was such a that. Meanwhile it only takes on the average a few weeks to forget the person entirely.

    Life goes on as the saying goes,but we all need to look within ourselves, search deeper and deeper into the soul,we need to gaze into the mirror at the person that we have become,is this person good or bad,is this person happy or sad,hopeful or downcast?

    We all want to be remembered for good deeds done. The people that make the greatest impressions on our lives are often the people that don't stay around for too long.  Think about it.

    So smile more often.  Laugh out loud more often. Do little deeds more often. Say you are sorry more often. Little things in life matter,little things that leave great impressions !!

    Monday, February 23, 2009

    Business Development Series II

    Quote of the day: 
    I will build a motor car for the great multitude…it will be so low in price that no man will be unable to own one.”—Henry Ford

    The other day i started a business series and outlined what a business plan was all about as well various reasons for preparing one. Here- 'Business Development Series 1'

    This week lets take a further look at writing a Business plan. Today's lesson will cover:
    1. Types of Business Plans
    2. A look at one visionary entrepreneur
    3. Lesson for the day

    Business plans can be divided roughly into four separate types. There are very short plans, or miniplans. There are working plans, presentation plans and even electronic plans. They require very different amounts of labor and not always with proportionately different results. That is to say, a more elaborate plan is not guaranteed to be superior to an abbreviated one, depending on what you want to use it for.

    • The Miniplan. A miniplan may consist of one to 10 pages and should include at least cursory attention to such key matters as business concept, financing needs, marketing plan and financial statements, especially cash flow, income projection and balance sheet. It's a great way to quickly test a business concept or measure the interest of a potential partner or minor investor. It can also serve as a valuable prelude to a full-length plan later on.
    • The Working Plan. A working plan is a tool to be used to operate your business. It has to be long on detail but may be short on presentation. As with a miniplan, you can probably afford a somewhat higher degree of candor and informality when preparing a working plan.
    • The Presentation Plan. If you take a working plan, with its low stress on cosmetics and impression, and twist the knob to boost the amount of attention paid to its looks, you'll wind up with a presentation plan. This plan is suitable for showing to bankers, investors and others outside the company.
    • The Electronic Plan. The majority of business plans are composed on a computer of some kind, then printed out and presented in hard copy. But more and more business information that once was transferred between parties only on paper is now sent electronically. So you may find it appropriate to have an electronic version of your plan available. An electronic plan can be handy for presentations to a group using a computer-driven overhead projector, for example, or for satisfying the demands of a discriminating investor who wants to be able to delve deeply into the underpinnings of complex spreadsheets.
    Source:The Small Business EncyclopediaBusiness Plans Made Easy,Start Your Own Business and Entrepreneur magazine.

    HENRY FORD (July 30, 1863 – April 7, 1947)
    As owner of the Ford Company,Henry Ford became one of the richest and best-known people in the world.  Ford had a global vision, with consumerism as the key to peace. Ford did not believe in accountants; he amassed one of the world's largest fortunes without ever having his company audited under his administration.

    While most other automakers were building luxury-laden automobiles for the wealthy, Ford had a different vision. His dream was to create an automobile that everyone could afford. The Model T made this dream a reality. It went on sale in 1908 and was so successful within just a few months that Ford had to announce that the company couldn’t accept any more orders—the factory was already swamped. 

    Model T

    The Model T was introduced on October 1, 1908. It had the steering wheel on the left, which every other company soon copied. The car was very simple to drive, and easy and cheap to repair.Ford created a massive publicity machine in Detroit to ensure every newspaper carried stories and ads about the new product.
    By 1918, half of all cars in America were Model T's. By 1918, half of all cars in America were Model Ts. To meet the growing demand for the Model T, the company opened a large factory at Highland Park, Michigan, in 1910. Here, Henry Ford combined precision manufacturing, standardized and interchangeable parts, a division of labor, and, in 1913, a continuous moving assembly line. Workers remained in place, adding one component to each automobile as it moved past them on the line. Delivery of parts by conveyor belt to the workers was carefully timed to keep the assembly line moving smoothly and efficiently. The introduction of the moving assembly line revolutionized automobile production by significantly reducing assembly time per vehicle, thus lowering costs. Ford's production of Model Ts made his company the largest automobile manufacturer in the world.
    Ford left most of his vast wealth to the Ford Foudnation but arranged for his family to control the company permanently. 

    LESSON FOR THE DAY -You can achieve anything that you put your mind to-the only person stopping you is YOU!

    Thursday, February 19, 2009

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    Headline News: Facebook and Others

    Stories in headlines this week:


    Under fire from tens of thousands of users, the social networking site Facebook said early Wednesday it is reverting to its old policy on user information -- for now.

    Backlash against Facebook began after a consumer advocate site flagged Facebook's policy change.
    Backlash against Facebook began after a consumer advocate site flagged Facebook's policy change.
    The site posted a brief message on users' home pages that said it was returning to its previous "Terms of Use" policy "while we
     resolve the issues that people have raised."

    The "Terms of Use" is the legalese tacked on to the bottom of most Web sites that details what the site's owners
    can do with the information that users provide.
    Facebook, the Web's most popular social networking site, has been caught in a content-rights battle after revealing
     earlier this month that it was granting itself permanent rights to users' photos, wall posts and other information even after a user closed an account. 

    The Obama Administration rolled out its much-awaited foreclosure-prevention plan on Wednesday, saying it could help as many as seven to nine million homeowners meet their mortgage payments. 
    Key components include modifying the terms of delinquent loans, refinancing underwater
    mortgages and plowing more money into the federal housing agencies in order to keep mortgage rates low. 
    As to what i feel? well the bailout can't help everyone, but just some right? It would surely go a long way for most people but not all. At least i hope...Blogoratti. 

    Usher's wife released from hospital after near death experience

    Tameka Foster, has finally been released from a Brazilian Hospital:
    Tameka Foster Raymond was released Monday night from Sao Paulo's Hospital Sirio Libanes, where she was admitted after suffering complications from plastic surgery. Her husband was spotted boarding a plane to the U.S
    Raymond is on the road to recovery from a heart attack she suffered during a lipsuction procedure and is currently taking antibiotics to fight a lung infection, according to Brazil's Globo TV.
    Raymond underwent the procedure a mere two months after giving birth to the couple's second son, Naviyd Ely.
    Patients should wait six to eight months after giving birth to have the procedure, the president of theBrazilian Soceity of Palstic Surgery tells the Daily News.
    Is it just me or isn't all these surgeries getting too much? I mean remember what happened to Kanye West's mother just last year. Must they kill themselves just to look good? -Blogoratti.

    Blog Anniversary: 2 months and counting!

    Quote of the day:

    The fewer the words, the better the prayer-Martin Luther

    So i haven't been blogging for two days straight -woa. Sorry guys,but hey i'm back!

    Tuesday, the 17th happened to be the second month anniversary for blogoratti. And no i didn't forget, i was just caught up in a lot of work and couldn't just seem to sit and blog for even a second. 

    I'm really proud that i've been able to come this far with the whole blogging thing. So far so good.

    Monday, February 16, 2009

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    Business Development Series 1

    Quotes of the day: 
    a. The big shots are only the little shots who keep shooting -Christopher Morley
    b. Paying attention to simple little things that most men neglect makes a few men rich Henry Ford

    With the global economy in a turmoil and with companies declaring losses left right and center with job cuts and or layoffs-it is time for us as individuals to sit and start our thinking processes so as to let our creative juices flow. 

    I mean haven't you always dreamed of owning your very own business, don't you want to be your own boss someday soon -instead of an employee doing the 9-5 job ?

    Well if your answer was a yes to the questions, then sit back and take a look at what you'll be needing to take your business idea off the ground. 

    What Is A Business Plan?

    A business plan is a formal statement of a set of business goals, the reasons why they are believed attainable, and the plan for reaching those goals. It may also contain background information about the organization or team attempting to reach those goals. Wikipedia

    The primary value of your business plan will be to create a written outline that evaluates all aspects of the economic viability of your business venture including a description and analysis of your business prospects. 

    Why Prepare A Business Plan?   

    A business plan comes in handy because of some of the following reasons: 

    1. It will define and focus your objective using appropriate information and analysis.
    2. You can use it as a selling tool in dealing with important relationships including your lenders,          investors and banks.
    3. Your business plan can uncover omissions and/or weaknesses in your planning process.
    4. You can use the plan to solicit opinions and advice from people, including those in your     
         intended field of business, who will freely give you invaluable advice. 

    Also you can have the following inputs in your plan:

    A Vision Statement: This will be a concise outline of your business purpose and goals.
    The People: By far, the most important ingredient for your success will be yourself. Focus on how your prior experiences will be applicable to your new business. Prepare a résumé of yourself and one for each person who will be involved with you in starting the business. Be factual and avoid hype. This part of your Business Plan will be read very carefully by those with whom you will be having relationships, including lenders, investors and vendors. 

    Your Business Profile: Define and describe your intended business and exactly how you plan to go about it. Try to stay focused on the specialized market you intend to serve.
    Economic Assessment: Provide a complete assessment of the economic environment in which your business will become a part. Explain how your business will be appropriate for the regulatory agencies and demographics with which you will be dealing. 

    Cash flow assessment: Include a one-year cash flow that will incorporate your capital requirements. Include your assessment of what could go wrong and how you would plan to handle problems.

    Include your marketing plan and expansion plans.
    Do a research of the business that you plan on going into. Who are your competitors and whom is it that you are selling your products or services to? 
    Outline the specifics of your business. Using a "what, where, why, how" approach might be useful.

    to be continued....

    Sunday, February 15, 2009

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    The Art of Being Fashionable #3

    Quote of the day:
    Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do {Benjamin Spock

    Hey peoples. How has the weekend been,St. Val's day and all -hope it's all love and no major heartbreaks

    Paris Fashion Week

    While at Fashion Week in Paris, Kanye West debuted his Louis Vuitton sneakers

    Kanye West with Marc Jacobs

    Outside Channel 
    Kanyeezy doing what he knows how to best-rocking the fashion shows looking for inspiration and looking fly while doing so.

    BARACK OBAMA'S wife MICHELLE has made history again - by becoming only the second president's wife to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine.

    Michelle was photographed by ANNIE LEIBOVITZ at the Hay-Adams Hotel, where the Obama family stayed prior to Barack's inauguration.
    On the cover the first lady wears a magenta dress by Jason Wu, who designed her inaugural gown.
    An eight-page spread features Michelle in a black dress by designer Narciso Rodriguez, as well as a selection of her own clothes.
    Inside the magazine, Michelle talks about getting used to Washington and her plans for being a First Lady – and a mum.