Thursday, April 21, 2011

Be Inspired Whenever

Quote of the day:
Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.
-John Wooden

There comes a time in life...ever so often when we feel uninspired. Uninspired with anything and everything. But learning how to always stay inspired is a lot of hard work- no lie. Sometimes setting goals can make a can set our souls aflame with the very much needed inspiration.

But a blogger when you feel uninspired to put up a post, what do you do? How do you shake off that feeling of emptiness deep inside...

I've had those moments too...wanting to blog-and not knowing what or how to write. But i never let that interfere with other things that i can do-at that point in time. Part of which is knowing that there will always be high and low days.

There will always be days of rainy inspirations and others of drought and barrenness.

But the beauty of it all is that when the moments of inspiration come back- the best posts tend to come forth. The empty dam..becomes overflown with genius overflow-in every sense of the way.

So be inspired whenever. Go for walks, exercise, meet up with friends and have great conversations, set achievable goals, and be whatever you want to be.

Writing is always a source of never stop writing~

Happy Easter Folks!

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  1. My I say on my blog, the plain white wall will always be faithful.

    Just stare at it and be inspired :)

  2. ha ha ha @naked sha.....i will try staring at the walls then. But i have those days too, when i have nothing to write about! sigh, but then it always passes....

  3. Something that we all need to learn is that inspiration comes not only by writing, but in reading. I've come to realize that when I'm not writing, I can read other blogs on my feed, and at the end of the day, the reading is what keeps my inspiration flowing.

    Lovely thoughts today. :0

  4. @ NakedSha: Ha! What if the walls aren't so plain,wink*

    @ Sisi Yemmie: Yep those days will always pass...and by the way love that your name is trademarked...hehe.

    @ Jaycee: Yes...also by reading-that's true no doubt. Nice seeing you on here-I see you.

    Much love guys.

  5. Great advice; definitely one I can relate to. Now I just need to learn how to keep the wave of inspiration from ending with being inspired...I need to learn to take action too.

    Happy Easter!

  6. @ Good Naija Girl: Wish you all the best with that my friend...thanks for dropping by- and hey happy Easter celebrations!

  7. happy easter to you too!! and i think it's safe to say every blogger goes through those moments/periods. sometimes i still blog when i'm "uninspired" and my "uninspired" posts always end up a hot mess. So it's better to wait it out till the inspiration flows back lol

  8. @ kitkat: Yes always better to wait it out,wink*
    Enjoy the holidays, and nice seeing you on here.

  9. Hey I so feel u on that, there are days my head is full and I say i cant wait to put pen to paper just starts to vanish like vapour and there are other days something sparks in me and inspiration flows.
    I always tell people wen u write, U have to enjoy it, u cannot write for people or to meet expectations or else you would never make any sense to urself.
    Writing has to be a passion and if it aint right we know we aint putting it down thats the beauty of blogging. Thanks for the bday wishes

  10. Great advice as always.
    Hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday.

    I get inspired not just by writing, reading but even from talking to sensible people.

  11. o wow i luv your blog its so motivating!!! , im now following and thanx for checking my blog out:)

  12. @ Mola: Most welcome miss, and keep writing. Have a lovely new year*

    @ Lara: Sorry for the late reply, and thanks for dropping by as usual*

    @ melissa: Thanks for following and glad you like,hehe.


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