Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Castle In The Air

Quote of the day: 
Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends.

Your curvaceousness
Aroused me deeply
I imagined your touch secretly.

They say be careful what you ask for
I became carefree nonetheless
The aura that pervades you dominates me.

I breathed in and out
Your scent like a potent pill
I fell into colourful rainbows.

Alas I wandered too far
Lost in greens, violets, and blues
I could feel you watching me.

I opened my eyes
You were gone, my heart depleted
I''ll unearth you with time.

Happy New Month folks!

Current Listen:- Aloe Blacc -I'm The Man


  1. What a dream. So sensual! Love it.

  2. Haven't we all been there? Day dreaming and lost in fantasy about that special one. Happy new month.

  3. This is beautiful ... loved the sensuality in the piece.

  4. Nice...and the Aloe Blacc track too.

  5. @Cara: You love? Nice!

    @Chic Therapy: I know right, been there and done that!

    @Anu: Why thank you, happy April!

    @Amrit: I'm delighted that you like it, thanks for stopping by!

    @Adura: I'm glad you like, and Aloe Blacc is awesome like that.

  6. Great lines you've written


  7. Anelle: I am glad you find it so, thank you.

  8. Uhhhhhh I love this song...and I love this piece you have up there..Happy New Month Papi...

  9. @Erniesha Tibs: Appreciate you stopping by as always, much love!

    @Stly4Curves: Thank you, far too kind!

  10. Lucky you for such a sweet and sensuous dream!

  11. that is such a poignant poem :)

  12. @Loco: Hehe, well thank you.

    @Ankita: I'm glad you feel so, much appreciated!

  13. Beautiful

    My email is

  14. Thanks for the visit to my blog and kind words ..

    This is a most beautiful poem ...I so enjoyed ...

  15. Back for another read. Whoever inspired this is one lucky lady. Hope she knows.

  16. This poem is so beautiful! I love it

  17. Between the time of writing and now, have you unearthed her? #Plentypunintended

  18. Tomi, You think? Thank you very much!

    Margie, You are welcome...very glad that you enjoyed the poem. Many thanks!

    Adura Ojo Naijalines, Why thank you for those kind words, ahem I'm sure she does!

    Remmy Rem, Thanks a lot sis!

    Oyinlola Sobowale, Hehe...still on the search. Cough*


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