Thursday, November 05, 2015

Musings of mine: Rambling Mind on This and That #3

Quote of the day: 
The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places. -Ernest Hemingway

1. Broken Shadows 

There was a swiftness to the winds. On some nights it comes in full force, like an army trying to penetrate a durable fortress, even the well grounded trees sigh during the onslaught. Distant memories can sneak up unannounced, and on this occasion while out walking on a gloomy evening, it didn't disappoint. I was lost in thought for what seemed an eternity, seconds became weeks, and minutes turned into months. A contortion of time and space, of the past and present. Sometimes, all we are left with is broken dreams and shadows.

2. Grocery Invasion

The other I walked into a grocery store, a normal occurrence no doubt. I'd gone there not because I needed milk, tomato chunks or fresh bread, or some other random item on my list -I don't do written lists by the way. No, I went in because the store was there. I was compelled to go in by some unforeseen rope wrapped around my thoughts which pulled me in. I walked around the aisles touching an item here and there, and staring at bargains. After what seemed like ages, I gained control over myself again, and walked out with no item bought. I did a grocery invasion and the skies didn't fall.

3. Your Identity, Your Existence 

Names can be quiet interesting. I am yet to meet anyone without a name, or an alias, forename and surname, and hey throw in a couple of middle names to make things more interesting. What's in a name you may ask, well everything really. Its powerful, as everyone recognizes themselves by their names and usually have a strong attachment to it. Your identity, is your existence.



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  1. 1. Time is relative. With an interesting friend or relative time is short, a dull relative and time is long, can even be an eternity.
    2. Supermarkets with all their schizophrenic colours and products nobody wants are the new lunatic asylums.
    3. I know a man called Mr Satan and a lady called Miss Teufel (Devil), Germany once had a Bundeskanzler called Mr Cabbage (Kohl). Adolf Hitler's father was called Schicklegrüber. A pity for the world that he changed it. 'Heil Schicklegrüber!' would never have caught on.

  2. Interesting thoughts... I agree with name... I like that mine is unique...not as unique as it was when I was younger but when I hear it, it usually is me... so that is cool...

    I like that quote by Earnest Hemmingway... many of us really do become stronger in the broken places :)

  3. I think names are powerful. Everything really is in a name. Our names are who we are. :)

  4. My first name means pure and my last name hope.
    I'm Pure Hope. : )

  5. -clapping hands- I am able to comment this time!!!!! :-))))

    Love that first one. Memory! What a powerful thing it is.

    And our name... Yes... Important. I happen to love my name. Although I do not use it, on the Net now. But I do love it. And I actually love my Net Name too! :-)

    Btw, you do not use a name... Interesting... I hope you like the one you were given.

    Gentle hugs,

  6. I can never go into a grocery store and come out empty handed! Nice readings.

  7. That takes some doing to go in and come out with nothing

  8. It sounds like you were lost in thought, and you wrote about it nicely. It's interesting to me that all the Sheri's I know are somewhat outgoing and happy.

    Your blog exudes just what you say at the end of your posts....


  9. Love the randomness of these musings. They slide into my thoughts like echoes or shadows. I use an alias for blogging but my real name (nickname) is comfortable too. Thought provoking post, as always!

  10. I have three names, I only know meaning of my 1st name :)

  11. I agree. Sometimes, all we are left with is broken dreams and shadows. I dislike it, more so the bit about broken dreams. In fact, I despise it but as the majority would say, "that's life". Wah :( X


  12. in this country, grocery stores are too damn big! I prefer aldi; smaller, good food selection, very low prices.

  13. You went into a grocery store and didn't buy a single item? That is really something! I've yet to manage that :)

    1. Like!!! You really just wrote my mind! He is what heroes are made of!

  14. Wow this is deep.
    I believe we live up to our names. That's why the names in the Bible are relevant and they even change their names as to how they're feeling or according to their status.

  15. I believe names reflect ones identity! ha at not buying anything at the grocery!

  16. 3 1/2 years ago, I wrote about "What's In A Name" - because this is a topic I find very interesting, too. You are very welcome to read my old post and my readers' equally interesting comments here.

    Your groceries invasion was strange, but I've had similar experiences, too. It always takes me a while to shake off that strange feeling.

  17. Imagine a world without names? There would be no communication, no camaraderie, etc.

  18. I love your interesting view on life. The broken shadows is sad, but it is reality, isn't it? I suppose it depends on how important certain dreams are to us, whether a broken dream is a bad thing or not. Have a wonderful end of your week.

  19. I love your interesting view on life. The broken shadows is sad, but it is reality, isn't it? I suppose it depends on how important certain dreams are to us, whether a broken dream is a bad thing or not. Have a wonderful end of your week.

  20. I've been through the desert on a horse with no name
    It felt good to be out of the rain
    In the desert you can remember your name
    Cause there ain't no one 4-2 give you no pain

  21. And, I have wondered of your name, Mr. Blogoratti. :) My first name, I don't care for but love my middle.....and my bj stands for my name.
    This is a really good post

  22. Your quote, as always, was right on point and your musings thought-provoking. Love your posts! Hugs...Ro

  23. I can totally understand your compulsion to go into the grocery store. They are some of my favorite places, especially when I travel. I can spend all day long looking around a grocery store. I love to imagine what other people eat.

  24. My fav was Grocery Invasion, I know the feeling :-)
    Titi's Passion


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